Undesirable Traits of DT Bettas

It’s sometimes difficult to select the better bettas out of a big spawn but it may be easier to start eliminating the undesirable traits in that spawn.
If your spawn consists of DT, it will be much easier to spot those undesirable traits of it and start eliminating them.

Here are those undesirable traits of DT that I select to eliminate them from the line so that these traits will not pass o­n to the next generation if they are used in breeding.

The following will show a series of those undesirable traits of DT.

1. Uneven Lobe;
Usually the upper lobe is smaller than the lower lobe.

2. Y-Split DT
The split is of Y-shaped and it is somehow ugly and will not have those desirable overlapping lobes.

3. Crooked Spine
This is rather common in DT as well as ST when DT gene is present. A slight (I said SLIGHT) curved spine is acceptable for DT as it’s a common trait of DT, but any curved or crooked spine for ST is definitely unacceptable. Too much crooked spine for DT is highly undesirable for breeding as it will pass o­n to the next generation.

4. Deformed Body
This is also quite common when the DT gene is present causing the body to deformed or sometimes shortened. Never use these for breeding. If you used such deformed or shortened body fish for breeding, the deformed gene will pass o­n to the next generation and you will find that most of the body will become shorter and shorter.

5. Fused Lobes
These is an extreme case of incomplete split of the DT. Both the tails are fused together. o­nly choose those with total split tails.

Note :  Please learn with open mind, nothing is absolute. I would also like to thank those who have shared their experiences and knowledge with me.

Note : This article was first written and published by Chris Yew on August 28, 2003.


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  1. 1 Abelzk March 24, 2008 at 6:35 am

    favorited this one, brother

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